FREE $30 dinner Certificate- join the Benihana Birthday Club

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• A complimentary Benihana Birthday Dinner certificate, maximum value of $30 (excludes alcoholic beverages, gratuity and tax) will be emailed to you for use during the month of your birthday…

• Monthly e-mail newsletter…

*If you are registering during the month of your birthday, please allow 10 business days to receive your Benihana Birthday dinner certificate….

All Benihana Birthday dinner certificates are emailed at the beginning of the month of your birthday.

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19 comments on “FREE $30 dinner Certificate- join the Benihana Birthday Club

  1. Our family group was 10 persons.
    From 8 years old to 68.
    Everyone was elated.
    I will return often.

    Thanks for a wonderful Birthday Celerbration

  2. I love me some Benihanas…it makes my tummy say yummy!!
    We had a blast for my daughters friend birthday celebration. The food
    Is the bomb! Please send me my birthday coupon asap!

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