Buy One, Get One Free From Chipotle

Buy One, Get One Free From Chipotle

Buy One, Get One Free From Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill has an internet printable coupon available for buy one, get one (BOGO) burritos, bowls, tacos or salads. To redeem the offer, all you have to do is watch a 90 second video on a Facebook fan page for America’s Next Great Restaurant. After that, a link to print the coupon will appear. The offer is valid through March 6th and expires 7 days after the video is viewed.

So what’s the connection between the video and Chipotle? It’s a short promotional trailer for NBC’s new cooking reality show called America’s Next Great Restaurant. The show features Chipotle founder Steve Ells and his story about starting the company with an $85,000 loan from his father. Ells is also one of the judges in the battle of entrepreneurs to create America’s next winning restaurant.

Whether this is a show you’d enjoy or not, it’s definitely worth the small investment of time for some free Chipotle. You don’t even need to “like” the Chipotle or America’s Next Great Restaurant fanpages on your Facebook profile either. I just printed mine and now all that’s left to do is grab a friend for some company.

A Great Source for Free Samples

Are you looking to score some free samples? They’re awesome when you can find them, but far too often those offers aren’t really free and require some purchase or trial membership that finds you throwing down your plastic. But free samples do exist – and I’m here to say you might want to make your go-to source.

Shop4Freebies is a super clean website regarded by many as one of the original real samples sites. The offers it posts are 100% real and free from the misleading offers that are so prevalent on the net. There’s a number of categories to search, from food and drinks to health/beauty and household goods. And most free samples listed require only a short form or other low level of participation. Each day, a new list of free samples is added to the homepage along with coupons for many nationwide stores. There’s also a forum for users to share deals they’ve found on their own.

Besides listing only real, valid samples what I like about this site is its design that makes it a pleasure to use. It’s not too cluttered, it’s easy to read and provides a positive experience.

Get 5 songs on iTUNES free – for American Express Cardholders

Click here to Get 5 songs on iTUNES free – for American Express Cardholders

nullReaders have reported any of their cards seem to work.

Register online and then use that same card to buy 5 song downloads from Apple iTunes.

A statement credit equivalent to the price of 5 song downloads on iTunes plus sales tax will be issued generally within 5 business days after your qualifying purchase

Info from

Will Virgin Embark on Daily Deals of Their Own?


Virgin: A Richard Branson Empire

Mega-stores, commercial airlines, space travel, mobile and now…daily deals? Is there anything Richard Branson’s empire can’t do? A lot of people have already been talking about how giants are entering the daily deals arena with Amazon’s investment in LivingSocial and Google gearing up to release Google Offers. But a new Financial Times report now indicates Virgin may also want a piece of the action, showing exactly how hotly contested the space has become.

According to the report, an ex-Virgin exec first proposed Virgin take a look at entering the online coupon game a year ago. And while a substantial investment may be needed to pull it off, Virgin is a company that can make things happen, and fast.

As a consumer, I think all the interest in the space is great news. All the new entrants should push each other hard and offerings can only improve. Plus, I’m always interested to test out a new service Richard Branson puts his name behind. What about you?

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Save On Accommodations For Vacations and Travel

Travel for less and explore

Cost is a common barrier for those looking to travel. And while there are a number of sites that offer deals on flights and hotels, what if travelers take a different approach when it comes to their accommodations? Here are 3 sites dedicated to just that and they can provide tremendous savings if you’re willing to put a little faith in other human beings. You can do that, right?

Couchsurfing is a non-profit worldwide network between travelers and locals. Essentially, a traveler creates a profile of themselves and can search listings by hosts or state the locations they’d like to visit. Hosts can also create profiles offering up their spaces and describing what kind of guests they prefer. If there’s a match in location between the two parties, the individuals can communicate beforehand via email/phone video chat etc. to decide if the arrangement will work out.

Tripping is a newer site with the same mission of connecting travelers with locals. It works the same way as Couchsurfing, but there is also an emphasis that the connection need not be just another place to crash. Tripping encourages locals to introduce travelers to their towns, cities, cultures and friends. The goal is to make the traveler feel welcome anywhere they go and experience travel as something far more memorable than a tourist’s itinerary.

Airbnb connects people with a place to spare with those looking for a place to stay. The difference between this service and others is that hosts can charge visitors for the accommodations. Hosts can list their spaces for free and set their own rates. Travelers can search listings and communicate with their potential hosts. Airbnb takes a piece of the profit only when a transaction is completed.

These are a few leaders in an explosive space making traveling a little easier on the wallet, not to mention way more fun. While it does require some trust that these communities have benevolent intentions, nearly all users of these services are reporting positive experiences. Have you used one of these services before? What did you think?

Top 10 Daily Deals Sites

With the explosion of daily deal websites, it can be hard for the average consumer to keep track of all the options available to them. Which one is right for them? Which sites should he or she bother checking frequently? 2011 may indeed be a make or break year for many of these sites as a number of larger players prepare to enter the space like Google with Google Offers. As of right now though, here’s a wrap up of the top ten daily deals sites according to statistics:

Daily Visitors: 952,470

Groupon is the clear leader in the space right now and turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google to raise funds through an IPO.

Daily Visitors: 662,994

LivingSocial is helped by an $175 million investment from Amazon and is gaining on Groupon. Their biggest hit was the daily deal offering $20 in Amazon credit for $10. 1.3 million of these deals were sold.

Daily Visitors: 425,170

Woot is one of the oldest daily deals sites and owns a few other specialty sites such as shirt.woot and wine.woot. In June 2010, Woot was acquired by Amazon, but still identifies as its original identity.

Daily Visitors: 165,505

Eversave started offering local and national deals in 2010 and has made a quick rise to the upper tier of the space.

Gilt City
Daily Visitors: 26,846

Gilt is a high-end daily deals site that offers deals on upscale restaurants, spas and events.

Buy With Me
Daily Visitors: 21,696

Once a top-three deals site, Buy With Me has undergone some leadership changes as it seeks to rebound.

Kgb Deals
Daily Visitors: 15,941

This site also offers directory assistance in the UK and France.

Daily Visitors: 10,886

Tippr has recently raised funding and is rumored to be an acquisition target for Google.

Daily Visitors: 7,043

HomeRun raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding and is quietly gaining traction.

Daily Visitors: 6,383

What ScoutMob is doing right now might be the future of daily deals. The site works with your mobile device. If you see a deal you like, send it to your phone.

Free Digital Prints From Target


Free digital prints from Target

Even though actual prints of our photos have become less common as we rack up pictures on our digital cameras, phones and hard drives, it’s still nice to hold a photo in our hands sometimes. Besides, passing around an actual photo album is an entirely different experience than flipping through images with the arrow keys of a computer.

This week, Target has 4 x 6 prints on sale for $0.10 each. Plus there’s also an online coupon available (click on the photo category) for $1 off ten 4 x 6 digital prints. If you do the math like I know you can, that’s 10 prints for free. It’s up to you how many times you want to take advantage of the offer since it probably means multiple transactions, but it might be an opportune time to start adding to that album of yours.

Enter to Win a Gadget Gift Basket from CDD! has launched our next Facebook Fan Sweepstakes where the first 25,000 fans could win:

1 Amazon Kindle
1 Flip Video Flipcam
$100 Amazon Gift Card
An assortment of Fairytale Brownies!

The Sweepstakes is really simple, all you have to do is log into facebook and “Like” the facebook fan page. CouponsDealsDaily (CDD) is the premier place to get the best prices for the best brands. With offers and discounts from over 50,000 stores, CouponsDealsDaily (CDD) gives you immediate access to the most popular retailers, while saving you money.

Be one of the first 25,000 people to “Like”’s Facebook Fan Page and you will be entered for a chance to win a Kindle, Flipcam, $100 amazon Gift Card and an assortment of Fairytale Brownies!!

What an easy way to enter for a shot at a great giveaway, it’s a win-win.

11,504 people like CouponsDealsDaily only 13,496 to go!!

Old Navy President’s Day Coupon

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Old Navy

Old Navy

Old Navy has a promotional coupon for 15 to 20% off online and in-store purchases in honor of President’s Day. The deal is spending $50 or more to get 15% off or spending $75 or more for 20% savings. If you’re ordering online, use coupon code “ONPDAY” to claim your discount. If you’re shopping in-store, just mention the promotion to the cashier. The offer is valid through Monday, February 21st.

There are a few exclusions on this offer. It doesn’t apply to jeans, gift cards, previous purchases, sales tax or shipping and handling charges. It cannot be combined with any other offers including Gap Inc. employee discounts. But that’s nothing out of the ordinary, right?

I’m not sure Old Navy will ever regain the hype it had in the late 90s but it’s always a solid place for apparel basics and shoppers on a budget.

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Signpost Rolls Out Merchant Platform To Help With Slow Days



Business is cyclical and I’m not just talking about the holiday sales rush. There are certain days of the week where sales are typically slow and owners have to decide whether it’s worth paying employees or closing on a particular day each week.

Enter Signpost, a deal site funded by Google Ventures and Spark Capital that has just released a merchant platform allowing local business owners to create and distribute prepaid coupon offers in real-time, not just as a deal of the day.

The key benefit here (since consumers already share deals they find on Signpost) is that businesses can issue a set number of prepaid coupons for the slow days. A classic example would be a salon that is traditionally slow on Mondays. The salon could sell 25 coupons every Monday for haircuts at a discount. For the salon, this is a better option than a daily deal which has a shorter period of visibility and may spur an influx of customers on days they already have ample full-paying clients. It’s about convincing, wooing and giving incentive for people to visit during downtime.

As for Signpost’s cut of the deal goes, there are two options. If a business uploads a mailing list to spread the word on a prepaid offer, Signpost takes 10% of revenue. For a 30% cut, Signpost will actively market the deal and share it through affiliate partners. In either scenario, businesses can promote the deals through email, Twitter and Facebook. Consumers can visit the site or use the Signpost app to browse deals based on GPS location.

Businesses that would like to try the service out can do so for free through February 24th. It’s yet another twist on this increasingly crowded space.

Alternative Apparel Coupons

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel, like the name suggests, is an alternative to American Apparel. It makes apparel basics for for urban dwellers and anyone else interested in the latest trends.

What I like about Alternative Apparel is its approach of being a bit more sophisticated than American Apparel. The advertising isn’t blatantly as sexual (never thought I’d say that was a bad thing) and you feel like you’re getting something a bit more refined. I totally love my button-up shirts and baseball tees from them. They’re super soft and give you an opportunity to get creative by either screen-printing at home or sewing on a patch.

Alternative Apparel is currently honoring a couple deals redeemable at their online store. I’ve listed what I can find below:

15% off dresses and skirts through 2/20: Enter “KISSES” at checkout.

Free shipping on any order through 2/27: No coupon code needed.

Independent Supermarkets Embrace Digital Couponing

Independent grocers are catching up with digital coupons

Independent grocers are catching up with digital coupons

M-Dot Network, a retail technology provider and Alliance Marketing have struck a deal to allow Alliance Marketing’s independent grocer clients access to M-Dot Network. M-Dot technology provides a retail system for stores to create, manage and track digital coupons for their customers. It’s an enterprise software platform for point of sale digital coupons where no additional hardware or infrastructure is needed.

Once a grocer integrates with M-Dot, shoppers can browse coupons on the store’s website or via browser-ready phones. Shoppers redeem coupons at checkout by swiping their club card or providing their telephone number to the cashier. The available coupons and offers are then matched against purchases to automatically deduct the savings from the bill.

While this doesn’t sound very different in comparison to what larger grocery stores and drugstores have done for years, it’s a big step for small independent grocers that don’t have the resources to create a system on their own. Many are already customers of Alliance Marketing and this is Alliance’s latest offering to provide more value to their clients. M-Dot Network and Alliance hope to have the system in place for 180 clients by the close of 2011.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea Coupon

Peet's Coffee & Tea


Peet’s Coffee & Tea is offering an online printable coupon that allows a customer to buy one beverage and receive another beverage of equal or lesser value for free (BOGO).

Those interested need only print the Peet’s Share the Love coupon and redeem at a participating location. Most Peet’s locations accept the coupon with the exception of airport or supermarket stores. The offer does not include kid’s drinks, juice or other bottled drinks and is valid through Sunday, February 20th.

A Freebies Site With A Sense Of Humor

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Hey, It’s Free (HIF) is a website dedicated to finding the best freebies on the internet and sharing them with consumers. The site is written in blog format with each freebie listed in a separate post. Readers simply click on the blue links and are in most cases taken directly to the company’s site to enter in a mailing address for the freebie to be sent.

All posts are categorized, so it’s easy to search out freebies in a number of different categories like clothes, electronics or food (and to be honest that’s just the beginning). But perhaps the best part about HIF is that they don’t post bogus links and offers where you never really get what you’re promised. All the deals here are real, recent and rewarding like the $2 Amazon Music Credit I just picked up or the well-publicized free taco coupon from Taco Bell as a response to recent reports about its meat (only for the brave).

If you had to choose only one freebie site, HIF wouldn’t be a bad choice (unlike warm milk on a hot summer day). It’s clean, direct and the creators even have a sense of humor (just see their About Us page). That’s good enough to win me over, what about you?

A Solution For Daily Deal Buyer’s Remorse

Daily deals sites like Groupon, LivingSocial and the upcoming Google Offers all benefit from the impulse buy. You see a deal you fathom to good to pass up and jump on it, even if you weren’t planning on eating at that restaurant or shopping at that store. In fact, 20-40% of daily deals are never redeemed, making it a complete profit for the websites.

Yael Gavish was one of those people that picked up on this and because there’s a site for everything these days, created Lifesta, a marketplace to buy and sell daily deals that have already been purchased. In fact, a number of sites have emerged in the space including CoupRecoup and DealsGoRound.

You may not necessarily get your full value back on a resale, but getting something back on a deal you paid for and may never use is better than nothing. I’m just not sure whether it’ll encourage you to buy more deals or get wiser to what you actually need.

CouponShoebox Announces Database Expansion

CouponShoebox is an online coupon database that offered more than 10,000 coupon codes to consumers in 2010. Like many other sites, continued demand has forced CouponShoebox to upgrade its web servers.

In addition to helping consumers hunt down deals 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, subscribers to the site receive a complimentary weekly newsletter with tips and advice on how to stretch the almighty dollar. Subscribers also receive a free DIY eBook that’s a guide ti saving money by learning to do things yourself. If you check out the site, you’ll see CouponShoebox provides a clean interface for consumers to find deals, discounts and online coupons organized in categories like travel, food and electronics or by retailer like Orbitz, Canon or

It’s a firm reminder that although the economy is starting to recover, consumers are still looking to save. Hopefully, it also means consumers are also putting some savings aside for a rainy day.

Haven’t You Heard? It’s Hip2Save.

Coupon & Savings Blog is a nationally recognized coupon and savings blog with an interesting back-story. It all started when Collin Morgan and her husband spiraled into credit card debt, all for the sake of keeping up appearances. Collin eventually realized the game was making them miserable and something had to change. The material possessions weren’t worth it.

That’s when Collin started Hip2Save as a means of keeping her priorities in check. The site also served to help her friends and family members. Fast forward a couple years and Collin and her family have climbed out of debt. Hip2Save is now a popular internet destination for money-savings offers, frugal deals, freebies and more. Collin’s own family and friends have pitched in to help her satisfy a growing audience and do things like create an original video series.

Hip2Save is worth following in at least one way, whether you prefer email, Facebook, Twitter or RSS. You’re bound to come across posts that will benefit you and if you’re really in need of some savings fast, you can browse its coupon database. Like Hip2Save loves to say “It’s not your grandma’s coupon site.”

PointsWizard Helps You Travel For Less

Does it ever frustrate you how frequent flier miles never really translate into what you’d hoped for? Yeah, me too. There are however, people that have mastered the game and are willing to share their expertise. was founded by R. Keller who for two decades prior had been strategizing to accumulate the maximum points and miles to travel cheaply. Keller and his family have traveled around the world for free or pretty close to it. His knack for business took this skill and created a consulting program for others to learn his travel strategies.

PointsWizard is a blog that brings consumers the latest news on points programs with free tips on how to accumulate points to get the most from your money. Who wouldn’t like to travel more, whether it’s just visiting friends and family or exploring the globe? This blog might help you get there!

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DealGator Expands Throughout Canada

Chocolate Strawberries


You may have caught our post late last year about DealGator, the new platform deal site that gives consumers a single place to find, gather and organize coupons. Well, the company has news again – its expansion across Canada! Canadian coverage now includes Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Kitchener Waterloo, Mississauga, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg and York.

If you’re unfamiliar with exactly how DealGator operates, it takes the work of finding and managing local daily deals from sites like Groupon or LivingSocial. It collects daily deals and coupons from each city and makes them available on the website, in a daily email or through Twitter. Members can add preferences or filters, and each deal listing includes a customer review of the business from Yelp. DealGator also lets members setup email reminders on deals and coupons they’ve collected, so they are never forgotten before the expiration date.

I think we’re all fans of daily deals sites, but it’s a lot of work to scour them every day amongst the billion other things we have to do. DealGator might be the thing that makes it a little easier for us.

Eastbay Coupon Codes For Athletic Gear


Eastbay: The Athletic SportSource

Wisconsin-based online retailer Eastbay has a massive collection of sporting goods, athletic wear and casual clothing. And what’s great about this company is the selection it carries. You’re likely to find all sorts of colors in anything imaginable or hard to find small and large sizes that would be next to impossible to find anywhere else.

Eastbay carries all the top brands including Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Asics and The North Face as well as casual clothing lines from Hurley, DC Shoes, Timberland, Vans and more. Shoppers will also notice merchandise specific to baseball, football, basketball, track & field and more – really almost any sport you can imagine.

While prices are pretty reasonable, Eastbay also maintains Outlet and Final Score sections of the site with some tremendous deals. To get you started, here are a few coupon codes that are currently redeemable:

IPEBV2B3 – Free shipping on orders $75+
PKEBTN97 – 20% off orders $99+
URLEB8N4 – 10% off any order