Have you ever imagined whether couponing could be cool? I mean, it’s cool to save money and all, but couldn’t it use some extra flavor and attitude? Well, if you’re nodding your head, just check out (KCL).

KCL is a website by two savvy young moms on a mission – slashing grocery bills and showing others how to do it too. Touted as a site for both beginners and veterans, Heather Wheeler and Joanie Demer have put together a pretty fine-looking site. Among its features are freebies,  printable coupons and tips on finding overlapping promotions and rebates. For beginners, there’s a dedicated section where “coupon virgins”, as KCL likes to call them, can learn coupon lingo, stay organized and read articles on the basics. Experts can enter a Bragging Lounge section of the site to share stories of their best deals ever. It’s truly a little something for every level of experience.

What sets this site apart though is a casual writing tone that appeals to young mothers who would like couponing to be a little less stereotypical than clipping coupons on a weekend morning, and instead, more of a happening lifestyle geared around finding choice deals for themselves and their families. Is it any wonder the gals have been featured on TLC, Today, Entertainment Tonight and more? Their approach to a unique niche is, as Charlie Sheen would say, WINNING.

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