Save $2 on Clearasil Products

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I remember the days of troublesome acne. I probably didn’t have it any worse than the average teenager or anything, but sometimes I’d wear hats just to cover up my forehead. One of the good things about growing up is not having to deal with that as often, although acne will still get me if I’m not careful to wash my face several times a day. Clearasil has always been part of my defense and I just wish their ultra line existed way back when.

Right now you can save $2.00 on all Clearasil products by filling out a short form on their website. Just provide your name, email and couple other details to receive a printable coupon. It’s that easy.

Facebook Deals Launches

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Facebook Deals

Facebook Deals

Last month we wrote an article about the new Facebook Deals platform and asked you whether you’d stay loyal to Groupon or LivingSocial if Facebook’s offering was on par or better. Well, the Facebook Deals platform officially launched this this in five US markets including Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco.

If you live in or around one of these cities, you’ve likely already gotten notifications about opting in to the program or seen updates about friends joining. But for the rest of you that don’t live in one of these areas, I just wanted to share a sneak peek of what you’ll have soon.

Once you opt-in Facebook Deals will stake a spot in your left navigation bar. When you click on it, it will pull up categories and current deals in areas like events & activities, arts & entertainment and more. Click on a deal and you’ll get a full summary of the offering including price, limitations and how to redeem it. As can be expected, there’s a pretty big push on sharing, liking, or posting the deals to your wall so they appear in friends’ feeds. Maybe that’s all hard to visualize though, so I’ve included a couple screenshots below.

Facebook Deals Page on a Profile:

Example of an actual deal:

There aren’t a large number of deals in the marketplace yet as the service starts up, but to me it’s really convenient to handle deals through a website I visit frequently anyways. Plus, if I’m interested in a fun activity or restaurant deal, it’s super easy to share with friends so you can enjoy everything together. While I do have some qualms about everything being about Facebook, I do like how deals encourage offline activity to actually spend time with your friends too. What do you think about it?

Sorry – British Airways Credit Card -offer ended

Tips on Dining Out For Less

Friends enjoying a meal

Friends enjoy a meal

You can cook, stockpile, potluck and resist temptation to save some money, but sometimes it’s just nice to go out for a meal, especially if there’s reason to celebrate. And honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Here are some ways you can keep the costs of eating out under control.

Coupons – It’s worth searching online for coupons to your favorite restaurants. You can also take advantage of deals at sites like Groupon,  LivingSocial and

Order Water – It’s free and your body is craving it anyways. Plus, it’ll save a few bucks compared to ordering a soda.

Eat Out for Breakfast or Lunch – At many places, the prices for these meals are cheaper and serve the same size portions. You’ll also dodge the crowds.

Dine Out on the Weekdays – Besides dodging the weekend crowds, you’ll be privy to weekday specials.

Take Part In Surveys – A bunch of restaurants offer discounts on future visits when you give them some helpful feedback.

Pass on Dessert – Do you really need it? If so, pick up some ice cream from the grocery store on your way home.

Go International – Ethnic restaurants serve amazing food sometimes at a fraction of the price than the chain establishments.

Kids Eat Free Nights – Look out for these! Places like Denny’s, Friendly’s and IHOP are big on these.

Go Veggie – Meat’s expensive. Vegetarian entrees are sometimes way less expensive.

Skip the Alcohol – If you can, skip the adult beverages since that’s where restaurants place a high margin. If you really need to, look for places that allow you to bring in beer and wine. They exist.

Who Says You Can’t Get Anything For Free? Not Freeflys.

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Finally, a website so good four out four doctors approve it.  Really, the cast of the Doctors has given a spotlight to Freeflys, and it’s easy to see why: it doesn’t matter if you need sporting equipment, body wash, ice cream or even a set of business cards, they have you covered.

Specializing in food, health care issues, toiletries and children, you can find coupons and even free samples for almost everything you need around the house and even a few things for the occasional night out with friends and family.  All you need to start is an e-mail address to register and deals will be arriving in your inbox just that quickly.  In addition, their social media presence is a boost to their customer service department.  You can even check out their YouTube channel to see the glowing press they’ve gotten so far.

With over 100 different options in a wide array of categories, FreeFlys is a directory you need to have in your life.


Want to start getting all the freebies you can get your hands on? Check it out here.

20% Off Jetblue Flights – Today Only!

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20% Off Jetblue Flights – Today Only!

Use code: FALL2011
Book on 04/21.
Valid travel dates: 09/07-10/29.
Blackout dates: 10/07-10/10.


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Coupon and Future Savings at Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts

Owning a car can be one of the most expensive, yet necessary items in your life. There’s payments, gas, insurance and maintenance. But if you already know a bit about cars and handle the routine stuff yourself, this deal at Advance Auto Parts is going to interest you.

Through May 9th (online only) if you place an order of $100 or more, you’ll receive 15% off plus a $50 coupon for a future purchase of $100 or more. To qualify for the $50 coupon the order total still needs to be $100+ after the 15% off but it’s still a great deal. They also offer free shipping on any order over $75.

Just enter “AP55″ in the shopping cart to receive the benefits.

TGI Friday’s coupon: Save $5 off $15 purchase

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TGI Friday’s is offering another great coupon – save $5 off your purchase of $15 or more, excluding alcoholic beverages.

If you’re a TGI Friday’s fan, bookmark this page and use this coupon whenever you visit a location for the next couple of months!

Expires 6/30/11 but you can use it multiple times before it expires! Present the coupon when you order to get the discount and it’s dine-in only. It is limited to one coupon per table. This coupon is not valid with other offers and discounts.

Cash Back on Groceries from SavingStar

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Want another great way to save? Maybe even pad your savings account while you’re at it? The SavingStar mobile app can help you do that.

SavingStar is a free phone app that helps you save on everyday groceries and works like this:

1) Select eCoupons in the app and link them to your store loyalty cards.

2) Shop, making sure to use your loyalty card. Your bill will remain the same at this stage but…

3) Your savings are automatically added to your SavingStar account.

Payout is available as soon as you reach $5 in a number of options like bank deposit, PayPal or credit. If you’re interested, this is actually a great way to save up for a big purchase or pad that savings account since the savings are separated from your bill. All you have to do is remember to transfer your payout to that growing account of yours. Delivers True Convenience

So I think I’m absolutely sold on after hearing about it from a friend. The people that run this website just get it. is an online store that specializes on essentials – practically anything you’d find in a drugstore, whether it’s cleaning supplies, personal care, makeup or vitamins. But the awesome part? These are delivered straight to your home without the hassle of battling crowded aisles or taking time out of your otherwise busy day. But when I said really gets its customers, I mean it. There’s not only that convenience factor, they give you 15% off and free shipping off your first order using coupon code “BLUESPLASH”. Prices seem to be pretty on par with Target/Walmart and shipping is always within 1 or 2 days so it’s actually manageable to wait for an order.

This is absolutely what I’m looking for when it comes to shopping for these items. And with that 15% incentive to try it out, why wouldn’t you?

50-90% Savings Using BuyWithMe

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Deals, deals, deals. We’ll keep showing you them and you choose what works for you. BuyWithMe is another local daily deals site you may want to check out.

If you’re new to the site, here’s how it works. You confirm your location and check off the deal categories of interest to you. There’s Food & Drinks, Fitness, Beauty Salons & Spas and Activities. Next, enter your email and get directed to today’s deal that you can purchase, gift or share with your friends. There’s incentive too. If three of your friends buy the deal using your link, your deal is free. You can also encourage your friends to sign up for the site itself. They’ll get $5 in credit for joining and you’ll get $10 when they make their first purchase.

Pretty simple, right? It’s an easy way to save on the things you’d like to be doing anyways. Coupon Codes for Spring

Looking for new spring kicks? is a great place to look since it always seems to have a few coupon codes running. Here are a few I’ve found that have been working for customers. The first three expire 5/1/2011 and the last one expires 9/20/2011.

$30 off $100+ purchase – CPSPV455

$15 off $75+ purchase – LKS1V433

$10 off $50+ purchase – LKS1V437

15% off $50+ purchase – LKS1XBX3

The eBay of Daily Deals

So back in February we wrote about how marketplaces for daily deals that owners no longer needed or wanted were popping up. We mentioned Lifesta, CoupRecoup and DealsGoRound as leaders in that space, but one of our readers also recommended checking out Skeedka.

Skeedka is a bit different than the rest of these sites in that it offers fixed price, make an offer and auctioning capabilities. As a buyer, you purchase, bid or make offers on other people’s deals. Once a deal is purchased you simply make a payment and the link to your voucher is emailed to you and available in your Skeedka account. As a seller, you post a deal for sale by auction, fixed price or best offer and are required to upload the original pdf of your deal voucher. Once the deal is sold and paid for, you receive the funds and your voucher pdf is emailed to the buyer. Only sellers incur listing fees, but buyers are required to make payments within 72 hours of a deal’s purchase from the seller.

The site still seems to be lacking in amount of users, but it’s an interesting model that could gain traction as more users join. Thanks to Tracy Young for the tip!

Say Goodbye to Heartburn with a Zantac Sample

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Maximum Strength Zantac

Have Heartburn? Try Zantac Maximum Strength. They are so sure they can help you, they want to send you a free sample.

All you have to do is register and you will get your free sample of will will be on it’s way. If you choose Zantac, you’ll be happy to know that it has been prescribed by doctors to effectively treat and prevent heartburn for millions of patients.

Register Today for your free sample of Maximum Strength Zantac 150®.

$25 Certificate for $2 has a coupon code running that allows you to purchase a $25 certificate to participating restaurants for only $2 (instead of the usual $10 price tag). Just enter “STEAK” as the coupon code when checking out to receive the discount.

If you’ve never redeemed one of these before, it’s pretty simple. Just find a participating restaurant on the website. When you dine at that restaurant, present the certificate. There are a few restrictions, but nothing overwhelming. You can only use one certificate per table and must meet a food minimum (usually $35 for a $25 certificate). Alcohol, tax and tips are excluded from that minimum. Some restaurants may also decline the use of the certificate on busy Friday or Saturday nights, so you may want to call ahead just to make sure they’ll honor the deal before you stop by.

There are over 18,000 participating restaurants so there’s sure to be something close by. A $25 off certificate for $2? That’s tough to beat.

Enter to win a trip to the Finale of American Idol

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Always dreamed of going to Hollywood? Now is your chance – and you don’t even have to sing! Sign in below for your chance to win.

Plus, you can take our Embassy Suites trivia challenge, then see if you’re an instant winner of an exclusive American Idol Travel Pack.

Click here to Enter to win a trip to the Finale of American Idol

Embassy Suites Hotels is giving away a 3-night trip for two to the Season 10 Finale of American Idol.

Plus, you can take our Embassy Suites trivia challenge, then see if you’re an instant winner of an exclusive American Idol Travel Pack.

From Embassy Suites Hotels and Coca-Cola. Ends at 11:59 p.m. ET, April 19, 2011

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Little Caesar’s Crazy Combo for $1.99

Little Caesar's Crazy Combo

Little Caesar

Do you sometimes just crave bread like me? Maybe I’m totally weird like that, but in the off-chance you feel the same way I wanted to share this Little Caesar’s coupon for a $1.99 Crazy Combo. That’s their way of saying Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce, or simply breadsticks and pizza sauce in layman’s terms.

Anyways, 8 breadsticks and sauce for 2 bucks is a slammin’ deal that’s perfect to share watching the game or as a late night snack. Click here to view and print the coupon. It expires 4/30 and is valid one coupon per order per visit, although who’s to stop you from making a few trips?

Save $1 off Dove VisibleCare Body Wash for Women

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Dove VisibleCare Body Wash

Dove VisibleCare Body Wash

We covered a Dove for Men promotion the other day, so now it’s the ladies’ turn. Dove is also running promotions with its VisibleCare Body Wash. You can get a $1 coupon on the product by filling out a short form here or play Dove’s Win For Your Skin game to win the body wash instantly. Registering to play the game allows you to come back every day to play and the promotion runs through 9/30/2011.

The VisibleCare line comes in two different varieties that promise more beautiful skin with a week of regular use. The softening version is designed to soften skin and dry spots with skin-natural building blocks. The renewing version nourishes and replenishes skin. Both are said to contain Dove’s unique NutriumMoisture formula to help improve skin’s look over time.

Has anyone tried it? What do you think?

Cheap Car Rentals From 18 Car Vendors. Compare Rates And Save Big!

They connect directly to their suppliers’ inventories without any middleman…

Their prices are often more competitive…

They can also also offer access to One-Way Car Rentals, as well as Off-Airport and On Airport Locations.

Click here Cheap Car Rentals From 18 Car Vendors. Compare Rates And Save Big!

Article courtesy of – Making it easy accumulate points & miles since 2003.

LivingSocial Marks Its Territory

With so many daily deals sites out there, and our limited ability or desire to keep track of them all as consumers, you might be wondering which sites will survive and which will fold. Well if outside investment is any indication, LivingSocial is here to stay.

The daily deals platform, which previously used a $175 million investment from Amazon to grow to 26 million members has completed an additional $400 million round of funding. The backing comes from some serious investors including T. Rowe Price, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Institutional Venture Partners and Amazon (again). You can tell LivingSocial is working hard to topple Groupon, but just what will all that money be used for? LivingSocial plans to use the funding to hire more staffers, invest in product innovation and continue its aggressive domestic and international growth.

It’s really looking like local deals are narrowing down to LivingSocial and Groupon, but do you think the two can co-exist? And if you’ve tried both, which site do you prefer?