Browse A Bunch Of Memorial Day Sales At Once

Does Memorial Day have you thinking about spending time with family or friends and the service our veterans provide? Hopefully yes, but if you’re a saver you’re probably also thinking about Memorial Day sales and what good deals are out there right now. is a good aggregate source of deals and coupons. You can search by retailer (Target, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Old Navy etc.) or just browse the coupons section for tons of online codes listed by date. Check it out! – Amazing Daily Deals for Women 50-90% Off

Launched in 2011, provides members daily savings on major name groceries, restaurants, entertainment, popular products and services. As the membership grows, the site gets to know and understand users’ needs and interests, and provides customized local and national deals personalized for its individual members.

WomensDailyDiscounts (WDD) is a one-stop-shop for customized deals and products that are relevant to savvy consumers.  With integral search capabilities, discriminating consumers can seamlessly find the categories and items that they are searching for and desire.

The site also sends Daily Deals E-mail to consumers based on their preferences and interests enabling them to be one-click-away from their purchase. (WDD) streamlines the transactional process, allowing consumers to efficiently make smart purchasing decisions while feeling good about spending their money on the right thing, in the right place.

WomensDailyDiscounts (WDD) invites you to search our exclusive deals and offers for the latest fashions, travel plans, unique gift ideas, the ultimate experiences, and so much more.  With a database of coupons that is always expanding and diversifying, consumers are able to experience their best life, while avoiding high costs.

This one-of-a-kind coupon site has transcended the offers world. features include:

Explore Your City With Scoutmob

Exploring the best of what your city has to offer in restaurants, cafés and boutiques can be pricey, but Scoutmob has been working to make it easier, more affordable and the adventure that it should be.

Scoutmob is a free service that offers deals to you via email and mobile device, but unlike the other deals giants like Groupon or LivingSocial, you don’t need to purchase anything. Just start by signing up for the service and choosing your city (the service is expanding fast). You can enable daily emails about deals running in your city or just download the Scoutmob mobile app to browse current deals.

To actually use a deal, you do need to be on location and your phone’s GPS will be the judge of that. When you reach, simply check-in on your phone to unlock the deal and show that screen to the merchant. There are no print-outs or papers required. If you’re wondering, Scoutmob makes its money every time you unlock a deal.

I like Scoutmob because it has a playful, adventurous design with discounts to all the places I frequent, whether it’s cafés, restaurants or clothing stores. Not needing to purchase a deal takes one nuisance out of the experience and allows me to focus on exploring and trying out the latest spots in my city.

Everything Vegas Sale!

Special Pricing — Hurry these rates end May 25!

Click here to get the details of “Everything Vegas” Sale!

Customized vacation packages include:

  • Roundtrip flight via Southwest Airlines® to Las Vegas
  • Accommodations (including taxes)
  • 1,500 Rapid Rewards® points on the flight portion
  • 24 hour traveler assistance
  • First and second checked bags fly FREE (weight and size limits apply

To qualify for savings, you must use promotion code LAS2011 at time of booking. Promotion code savings will be applied at time of checkout within the booking process.

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Get 25% off your next purchase with Cole Haan

Be the first to know about new arrivals, exclusive online sales and special events!

Join now and receive 25% off your next purchase plus free ground shipping on orders over $150

Chase Sapphire Preferred Card – Earn Points & Miles!


Click here to get more info or apply for Chase Sapphire Preferred Card.

-Your points can be exchanged to 50,000 the Hyatt Points or 50,000 miles on  Continental Miles or British Airways Miles

  • Earn those 50,000 bonus points after you spend $3,000 in the first 3 months- that’s worth $625 toward airfare or hotel accommodations!
  • Points go 25% farther when you travel – For example, 50,000 points can be redeemed for two flights worth up to $312.50 each, which would usually cost 62,500 points. Just book your flight, cruise, or other travel through Ultimate RewardsSM
  • Pay no foreign transaction fees when you use your card on purchases made outside of the United States.
  • Earn a 7% annual points dividend – even on points already redeemed
  • your points at leading airlines and hotels at a 1:1 value
  • 2X points earned on airfare & hotel accommodations booked through Ultimate Rewards and 1 point for every dollar spent on all other purchases
  • When you call, our phones are answered by people, not prompts
  • No Annual Fee for your first year – A $95 value

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Save $1 on Coppertone Sunscreen

$1 off Coppertone Sunscreen

$1 off Coppertone Sunscreen

Warmer weather is here and that means more time outside in the sun. You’ll definitely want to wear some sunscreen to prevent against burns, peeling and aging but am I the only one who thinks sunscreen is quite expensive when I finally go to buy it? I noticed Coppertone has a link to $1 off their products in the lower right-hand of their homepage. It’ll take a few clicks to finally get it, but it’s something to print and file away for your next trip to the drugstore.

Maintaining a Luxury Lifestyle for Less

Luxury items for less

How can you get luxury items for less?

It could happen to any of us. We have a few amazing years where we’re making plenty of money and then boom, we lose our jobs and have to make ends meet for less. It can be hard for people to adjust from a lifestyle where they buy anything they need to not being able to do that anymore. However, there are some tricks to still being able to afford the few things that make you feel good, you just might have to go about it a bit differently.

Say your salary has been slashed in half from $100,000 to $50,000 a year. Unless you were a scrupulous saver, you’re probably going to have to make some adjustments. But the first thing to do is ask yourself what’s important to you. Do you value being able to drive a certain car, wear a certain brand of clothes or eat out often? If there’s an activity or purchase that really makes you happy, you don’t necessarily have to give it up. Sometimes that’s not even the best idea because cutting back will mean willpower and humans have a finite amount of energy to devote to it. Here are some ways to save on big ticket items. They may not work for everyone but it’s worth a look to see if it’s something you’d be willing to try.

Owning a home is one of the most important things in life for many people. For better or worse we can be judged by this milestone and we use it as a status symbol. But who says this has to be a new house? There are plenty of homes available at reasonable prices too. Try searching for HUD home and foreclosures. Sure these homes may require some fixing up, but if you really think of this as a home instead of an investment, will you really mind? Older homes have more character too.

Cars are another area people sometimes can’t bear to live within their means. What we drive may often say something about us to others or showcase our personality. Before heading straight to the dealer for the new car of your choice though, consider Craigslist, eBay or other classifieds. Sometimes there’s an owner willing to part with your dream car for less due to convenience or special circumstances.You’ll be happy to snag a deal and they’ll be happy for you to take it off their hands.

Some people wouldn’t be caught dead in average clothes. But wearing designer doesn’t always mean you spend a lot on your clothes either. eBay, thrift stores and online shops like are great places to search for your favorite brands. Sometimes a quick dry-clean is all that garment needs to look great again.

You can argue none of this is necessary at all and that sometimes people just need to stop the silly spending and live within their means. And sometimes you’d be absolutely right. But cutting back on every single thing can take it’s toll and just not be sustainable for many people. Sometimes the best approach is to decide what the couple things are that really matter to you and find a way to afford them without breaking the bank.

30% Off a Single Item at Old Navy

30% off a single item at Old Navy

30% off a single item at Old Navy

Old Navy has a stellar coupon right now available through its Facebook page. All that’s required is filling out your name and printing the coupon that’s redeemable for 30% off a single item at participating stores. The coupon is valid through May 12th and excludes clearance items. Some of the hottest items at Old Navy right now include summer tie shorts, MLB tees, flip-flops and summer dresses. Take advantage of the offer while you still can!

Half-price Frappuccinos from Starbucks

Half-price frappuccinos from Starbucks

Half-price frappuccinos from Starbucks

Starbucks has a special offer running for half-price “happy hour” frappuccinos from 3 pm to 5pm each day, now through May 16th. The timing makes it a perfect mid-afternoon office break and with the half-price deal, why not treat a friend or co-worker to one too? The “at participating locations” disclaimer is still looming, but it’s hard to imagine any locations not honoring the offer, unless it’s a grocery store or airport location.

Dental Hygiene Savings From Aquafresh

Aquafresh Isoactive Whitening

Aquafresh Isoactive Whitening

Your smile is one of the first impressions you make when meeting someone new, so doesn’t it make sense to invest in those pearly whites just a little? Sure, your semi-annual visits for professional cleanings are important, but for the most part it’s your day-to-day care that will make or break that smile.

Toothpaste, floss, whiteners…it all adds up so who wouldn’t be fine with a little savings on something you’ve got to buy anyways? By filling out a short form on the Aquafresh website, you’ll have access to a number of coupons such as:

– $1 off Aquafresh Iso-active whitening

– $1 off a variety of Aquafresh toothpastes

– $7 off Aquafresh white trays

The great thing about these are that they are manufacturer’s coupons so you can use them anywhere. Just drop by wherever has the best prices and slap these coupons on for some great savings.

Give mom what she wants for Mother’s Day – ProFlowers from $19.99

Mother’s Day is this weekend — have you placed your flowers order yet? If not, take a look at the great prices at ProFlowers on fresh from the grower flowers: arrangements start at a low $19.99 plus shipping/delivery and they even throw in a free vase! You’ll get 8% cashback from QR, too!

ProFlowersguarantees at least seven days of freshness, and they’ve won raves including “Best Overall” from the New York Daily News, and “Best Value” from the Wall Street Journal!

Don’t forget your wife (if she’s a mom) and your mother-in-law!

Leading Fashion and Design from Yoox

Want the scoop on fashion and where to find it besides those ultra-exclusive boutiques? is a leading virtual store for fashion and design. It’s an established company, having been around since 2000 and has strong relationships with designers, manufacturers and official retailers. Their mission? Bring you an endless selection of hard to find products like:

– Eco-friendly fashion
– End-of-season clothing from the world’s most prestigious designers
– Unique assortment of home design objects
– Rare vintage finds and art books

Yoox carries items for men, women, kids and pets, and while this is no bargain basement store you will find high-end items for less than their retail prices and sample sales. You can also register for its Myoox service which lets you fill out your preferences and receive email notifications when there might be something of particular interest to you. Just because you’re shopping high-end and enjoy the finer things in life doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be totally excited to bag an amazing deal, right?

Save 10% at Lowe’s With This Coupon

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Lowe's Home Improvement

Lowe's Home Improvement

A 10% off coupon at some stores won’t save you much, but when it’s for Lowe’s Home Improvement, 10% can be quite a bit. As the weather heats up you might be thinking of tackling some projects around the home and I recently noticed it’s pretty easy to get 10% off from Lowe’s by requesting a coupon.

Technically, it’s a coupon to help those who have just moved pick up new supplies, but there aren’t very many restrictions. Just fill out a short form and Lowe’s promises to email you a coupon within 3-7 days. The unique coupon is valid for one transaction on a purchase of $5,000 or less. That’s a savings of up to $500!

Save $1 On Any Listerine Mouthwash

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Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash

Ahhh Listerine. Your competitors and generic store brands may cite the same active ingredients as you, but they never work quite as well, do they? If Listerine is a must-have in your bathroom, you’ll want to grab this coupon for $1 off any Listerine mouthwash 1L or larger. It requires a short site registration, but after that you’ll be able to check back for more special offers on a regular basis.

Colgate Product Coupons

Coupons for Colgate products

Coupons for Colgate products

Manufacturer websites are a great source for special offers on their products and Colgate is no exception to the rule. If you’re not already receiving them, you may want to check out Colgate’s special offers page, which in exchange for signing up for their SmileTalk e-newsletter, you’ll gain access to printable coupons on a variety of Colgate products.

Some examples of current coupons include:

– Save 50 cents on Colgate Wisp mini-brush (perfect for travel)

– Save $1 on Colgate Orabase for relief from canker and mouth sores

– Save 25 cents on Palmolive Antibacterial dish liquid

– Save 50 cents on Murphy Oil Soap


It’s definitely a page to consider bookmarking since Colgate makes a heck of a lot of products.

Save $5 On Any Pair of TOMS Shoes

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TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes

TOMS Shoes have become a staple for both men and women’s fashion in the past couple years. They make great slip-on shoes for summer weather or really whenever you need to just step out for a moment. Plus, with every pair you purchase, they donate a pair of shoes to a child in need with their One For One program. Sure the shoes are a tad expensive for what they are, but you’re also giving back with each purchase.

The slip-ons weren’t quite my style, but luckily TOMS also makes an amazing laces optional version that I totally can’t live without. I recently purchased my 2nd pair and wanted to share a coupon I found online for $5 off a pair. Just enter “AFFTM5″ as the coupon code when checking out and you’ll receive the discount.

FREE Zantac 150 sample! *Still Available!*

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This is still available!!

FREE Zantac Sample

Head on over HERE to request a FREE Zantac 150 sample!

Registration is quick and easy. (You must be 18 years of age or older to register. Limit one sample per household. US residents only.)

Zantac® provides strong relief from tough heartburn.

You Don’t Need To Make A Mint With Mintbox By Your Side

Just trying to stay fashionable can be enough of a pain.  The shoes that dazzled your friends last year are this year’s charity donations.  The dress that once looked great in the mirror at the store now is in your closet attracting spiderwebs.

How do you stay fresh and not bankrupt yourself in the process?  Fear not, style mavens: a new website is out to keep you looking great no matter what color you like while hanging onto your green as well.

Mintbox is working with some big-time brand name and designer stores such as Nordstrom, Karen Miller, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora to expand your wardrobe just in time for the summer.  Once you use your e-mail address to sign up you’ll have the inside track to invitation-only sales right in the heart of the season!  You’ll be the first to find out about designer previews, exclusive events, and private sales as well.  And those hard-to-get Fashion Week tickets?  Consider yourself at the digital V.I.P. table, and check that inbox — Mintbox has the fast track on how to get into the Super Bowl of haute coutre.  Even if you don’t shop in the store, shopping online with your credit card gets all those kinds of membership privileges and up to 15% cash back on a purchase.

Whether you need Pumas to get back on the jogging track or Ghiradelli chocolates to reward yourself for getting back on the jogging track, Mintbox has you covered.  Not only do they have an online presence via Twitter & Facebook but you can scan their homepage to see the charity work they’re involved in and maybe even get a job with them.

Let Mintbox make this your best summer ever.  You can visit them here.

Happy shopping!


Change Everything In 48 Hours With Rue La La

Every day at 11 a.m. EST, Rue La La opens their online doors.

And every day at 11:01 a.m. EST, smart shoppers run wild.

They don’t really have a choice.

You see, Rue La La’s way to get you and your friends the best values on food, travel packages, and clothing for both men and women is to let you run wild and grab everything in reaching range that you can — for two days.

That’s it; 48 hours the doors of whatever particular boutique (be it anything from Calvin Klein suits to Diesel shoulder bags) closes up.  It makes all the sense in the world, though: with dozens and dozens of designer brands being offered at private sale prices you better believe it redfines the term “he (or she) who hesitates is lost”.  Not to worry, though.  As boutiques close, new ones open.  With the likes of trips to Belize and clothing from Dolce Vita coming up in the next few days you should speed over to the Rue La La website and become a member by signing up here.

And remember: the clock is ticking.