40% off Jo-Ann Fabrics

Jo-Ann Fabrics

40% off Jo-Ann Fabrics

I am not one of those crafty, artsy -types that can whip out a wedding dress the weekend before the event, but I know some folks that are. Give them a couple yards of fabric, a zipper and a couple hours time and voila! You have something wearable, usable or downright clever. Those are the people who can really appreciate this 40% off coupon code from Jo-Ann.  Jo-Ann Fabrics carry everything the seamstress needs for the latest project. The coveted 40% off coupon code AE822 will give you even more motivation to get your project done.

Use coupon code AE822 at check out to get 40% off. Coupon expires on August 15, 2012, so hurry out to Jo-Ann!

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