$30 Benihana Birthday Gift


$30 Benihana Birthday Gift

Benihana is a great place to celebrate special events with friends and family. Now Benihana has a special birthday offer. Join The Chef’s Table online with Benihana, and you can get a $30 Gift Certificate¬† to celebrate in your birthday month. That’s a great incentive to sign up for The Chef’s Table and find another great reason to celebrate with your friends at Benihana.

Get your Birthday gift of $30 when you sign up for The Chef’s Table.

10 comments on “$30 Benihana Birthday Gift

  1. I have never eaten at Benihana’s but I know I would enjoy the food. Friends have told me how the food is tasty and it’s exciting to watch your food prepared in front of you.

  2. I received the $30 certificate and so did my children…Finally somethin legitimate..
    The food is great and the way the Chefs prepare it right in front of you and so much fun. You will enjoy everything…

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