Free Pizza Hut Stuffed Pizza Rolls

What is better than free pizza ? Not too much, but I know one thing. Free stuffed pizza rolls! Yes, free. Stuffed Pizza Rollers with your order at Pizza Hut. Now if you’ve never had a stuffed pizza roll, you are in for a great surprise! Stuffed pizza rolls are just like pizza, only in a roll. The best part about stuffed pizza rolls is that they are free with your online order at your participating Pizza Hut Restaurants. As an extra treat Pizza Hut is rewarding one randomly chosen member “free pizza for life.” So follow the Pizza Hut link and order your free stuffed pizza rolls and give them a try. You are going to love them.

18 comments on “Free Pizza Hut Stuffed Pizza Rolls

  1. I have always enjoyed the stuffed crust pizza as well as some of the others as well. pizza hut is my favorite place because of the flavor in the pizza

  2. we have gotten from Pizza Hut in Terre Haute In. from 1981 when we lived there, and alsoIn. and from Ks. and Md. and now Fl. so we do know how great pizza hut is.. we both like
    thin crist and pepperonie & beef with cheese.O so good. thank you for the coupon
    we will be getting..

  3. That thick crust Supreme is absolutely THE BEST. Haven’t had it much lately ’cause our local Pizza Hut just re-opened, but luv it!

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