Avoid These Supermarket Pitfalls

Organic Avocados

Organic Avocados

Are you a disciplined shopper that makes a list and sticks to it? Or do you always end up coming home with more than you planned? Regardless of your habits, we just wanted to share some items that are commonly overpaid for, courtesy of Eat This, Not That! and Cook This, Not That!.

Organic Avocados and Onions

As a general rule, fruits and vegetables with a thick skin contain less pesticides. Unless you can afford to eat completely organic, choose wisely. Organic apples, lettuce and spinach might make sense, but avocados, onions and bananas are pretty well protected.

5 Hour Energy

This is a much-hyped energy drink that might not really be all that. Really the only ingredient that gives you energy is caffeine and at $3 to $4 a bottle, 5 Hour Energy has less caffeine than that 14 oz. coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks that you’d pay $2 for.

Gluten-free Foods

Unless you’re actually gluten intolerant there’s probably no need to spend extra on these products. Gluten-free pastries and breads don’t necessarily have fewer calories or more nutrients than regular products.

Sugary Cereals

Cereals with flashy marketing and cheap carbohydrates really aren’t doing you any good and are overpriced for what they are.


This is an expensive luxury that isn’t a great deal to begin with, but it also has really high levels of mercury that are particularly harmful to children and pregnant mothers. Try halibut, which is cheaper and a much cleaner seafood.

Tenderloin Steak

An expensive cut of beef, but not particularly flavorful either. Try top sirloin instead. It’s lean, high on flavor and sometimes half the price.


Okay, this is totally picking on one brand name, but Funyuns are a great example of puffed up snacks that are not only low on nutritional value, but also low on weight.